Eidolon the star dies in a massive implosion, ejecting its spirit into the vastness as blinding light. After eons, the light begins to fade, transforming into the image of a man who’s fated to travel the cosmos alone. He comes to rest in a cloud of gas and dust, where he gathers instruments to help navigate his path. He searches for remnants of his destroyed home, and memories and fragments of his former self…

Inspired by the oneiric, watercolor world of late American painter John B. Lear, Jr., we collaborated with artist/photographer Daniel Trese and performance artist Danny Dolan to create a series of images that tell the visual story binding together our first body of work, Dark Matter, with our second body of work, Spectrum. For the series, we created numerous mixed-media set pieces, props, backdrops, and platforms, exploring materials such as nylon, porcelain, plaster, steel, stone, wood, twine, bamboo, watercolors, gesso, and monofilament.

Photography: Daniel Trese
Model: Danny Dolan