the culture creative identity

The identity rebrand for L.A.–based consultancy The Culture Creative employs five elements—diamond, triangle, brick, square, and half-moon—that, when joined, create a new system of visual communication. We were inspired by the idea of an identity that isn’t immediately obvious on first read, a sort of Braille or Morse code that only aesthetes can decipher. The challenge was to use the formal constraints of these five simple elements to communicate complex messages, including the firm’s own values, vision, and virtues: “Reading between the lines” and “filling in the blanks”—two metaphors with strong visual impact—are made graphically real with the identity. 

Full conceptual rebrand
Bespoke font
Logo and emblem development
Website development and production
Social media themes
Extensive letterpress program

Product photography: Jonn Coolidge

More information: the culture creative