air gallery solo exhibition

We débuted our work as the inaugural show at AIR Gallery on La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles. For this site-specific installation, we occupied two contiguous spaces at the gallery, the smaller of which we called the “antechamber.” Here, guests were greeted by an 8-foot-tall frosted plexiglass wall digitally printed with our artists’ statement that was illuminated from behind by the gallery’s large windows overlooking the La Cienega Design Quarter. Smaller work was on display in the antechamber, with a series of bronze vessels laid out on a 300-pound sheet of custom cut and patinated bronze. 

Turning the corner into the main gallery space, larger work was featured on four black, geometric, hardwood platforms that we designed and produced. The smallest of these platforms sat directly in front of the gallery’s largest window to act as a sort of canvas on which shadows from a small, sculptural table were cast, elongating throughout the day like the tail of a comet. 

Conceptual design renderings and ground plan
Custom designed platforms and pedestals
Invitation design—postcard and letterpress card

Exhibition images: Brittni Moten